BIMCO Associate Membership

Black Pearl are proud to announce that we have been confirmed as one of the first group of private maritime security companies (PMSC) to become associate members of BIMCO.

The driving force behind this recognition is the fact that we are one of the few maritime security companies to have successfully achieved ISO/PAS 28007 certification.

Giles Noakes, BIMCO’s Chief Maritime Security Officer, states that, “a requirement for PMSC’s to become associate members of BIMCO is the implementation of the ISO/PAS 28007 – as we believe that there should be one common standard of high quality for maritime security that ensures the safety and security of member’s crews, vessels and cargo.”

As an organisation whose global membership represents between 60 – 70% of the world’s shipping trade, including shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents, BIMCO recognises that it is vital that they ensure credible and competent certification of all PMSC’s.

Noakes continues, “Companies that are successful in becoming associate members will then be added to BIMCO’s ‘whitelist’ of PMSCs which all BIMCO members can access to find the BIMCO approved providers of maritime security services.

In May, we advocated at IMO’s Maritime Security Committee that only one common standard is acceptable, audited by an accredited independent third party auditor.”

This recognition allows Black Pearl to stand head and shoulders above other PMSC’s in the knowledge that our high standards and hard work have not only be recognised by the award of ISO/PAS 28007 but also by BIMCO. This coupled with the knowledge that almost ¾ of the world’s shipping companies will now also know that Black Pearl deliver a highly professional and credible planning, prevention and protection service against acts of piracy, means that the future for us looks really bright.