To ensure the safe handling of firearms the PMSC should:

a) ensure that all personnel who are employed to carry and use firearms are trained and competent on the specific firearms they are intended to use and are assessed to be competent in their use prior to embarkation on board the ship and are updated on the applicable Rules for the Use of Force prior to deployment;

b)have systems in place to verify that personnel have been trained in the use of the specific firearms and other security associated equipment specified in the contract, and that they only use those firearms specified and for which they are qualified;

c) provide live fire training and evaluation for all personnel authorized to carry firearms and security related equipment in the performance of their duties. A documented level of competence should be demonstrated with the specific firearms authorized for use as specified by the organization, or to a higher level as required by law or contractual obligations. Those authorized to carry firearms should undergo refresher training at least once per year on the specific firearms authorized.