Operating To Certified Standards

Black Pearl Maritime Security Management specialises in security audits and can provide experienced auditors to conduct audits to ISO Standards for security, which are accepted by certifying bodies in both the Land and Marine sector.

Our team of experienced auditors is IRCA (The International Register of Certified Auditors) accredited and our range of security risk personnel have in-depth knowledge of the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS) and ISO 28000.

As a business we are focused on ensuring that we operate in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

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    Counter Piracy

    We have one mission – to make a stand against piracy, We provide a superior and trusted support function, which is dedicated to eliminate the risk of attacks on high value assets at sea, read more >>
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    Maritime Intelligence

    In order to fulfil our mission of making a vital stand against the risks of piracy, we need to form strategic alliances with support partners, read more >>read more >>
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    Ship & Crew Recovery

    Should a pirate attack be successful the time taken to resolve the situation can be extensive and extremely stressful, read more >>
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    Maritime Sitrep Technology

    Our maritime sitrep solution revolutionises the method of submitting situation reports every 4 hours during a transit, this automated system can be completed on computer, tablet or smart phone, read more >>

Operating to ISO Standards

Experienced Auditors

Our Accreditations