Black Pearl’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy is to ensure that all company’s activities associated with the deployment of armed guards on board vessels will comply with the international health and safety and environmental regulations.

By conducting ourselves professionally and systematically following proper training of health and safety risk assessments and the relevant instructions (before and after embarkation), we shall significantly minimize the safety  and health risks of our employees and all our other associated parties, and ensure the avoidance of any harm to the environment.

This policy is under the responsibility of the compliance manager and must be reviewed and adjusted annually.

Black Pearl employees shall always:
  • Take actions to prevent any injuries, to us and others by immediately adjusting to all identified risks.
  • Ensure that the vessel and all its souls on board are secure from any piracy/terrorist activities and threats or any other action that may jeopardize human life.
  • Take actions to prevent any damage to property, ours and any third party associated with our operation.
  • Encourage all personnel to be environmentally conscious and acknowledge their responsibilities to undertake every possible action to prevent pollution, as required by National and International Rules and Regulations and legislation in force as outlined by the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships MARPOL 73/78. In addition, to take actions reduce our environmental footprint by publicly and formally stating our obligation to the environment, reducing waste, recycle whenever possible and avoiding printing unnecessary documents.
  • Comply with Health, Safety and environmental regulations of the client, home state and the various local ports, and confirm that all our local agents and suppliers do so as well.
  • Take part in all safety drills when conducted on board.
  • Ensure that proper and continuous training is been contacted through all aspects of the operation as well to eliminate as much as possible any human errors in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the skills of shipboard and shore-side personnel in preparing to handle safety, security and environmental emergencies.
  • Assign personnel (including our customer’s officers and crew members) to shipboard safety, security and pollution prevention activities that is competent, highly motivated and committed to excellence and to provide them with the proper material resources.
  • Closely monitor all employees medical condition and offer our employees the best medical care possible for any injury that may occur during their employment by offering suitable insurance policies and putting their welfare ahead of any financial factor.