The Whistle-blowing Policy is an important pillar in the quality management system of Black Pearl. This policy aims to provide guidance to all Directors, managers, employees and personnel providing services on behalf of the company on a contract basis, if they should need to raise genuine and legitimate concerns that an instance of wrongdoing has occurred or is occurring in the practice or if they have a concern for the mental well-being of an individual. This is known as whistle-blowing or, more formally, as making a disclosure in the public interest.

Black Pearl aspires to implement a culture of openness and a work environment where an individual can feel confident about raising a concern without fear of reprisal. We will safeguard an individual who makes a whistle-blowing complaint in good faith and with genuine belief of wrongdoing, in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1988 (PIDA).

Therefore, it is Black Pearl’s policy to never dismiss, discipline or victimize an employee who ‘blows the whistle’ on criminal behavior or malpractice, but on the contrary to encourage the reporting of any such suspicions as it will allow a better internal monitoring system and the prevention of unlawful misconduct within the company or its associated parties.