Maritime Sitrep Solution

During a transit, it is a requirement of the UKMTO (United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations) that situation reports (sitreps) are made available every 4 hours. Therefore it is the responsibility of a PMSC (Private Maritime Security Company) to ensure they have procedures in place to enable their operatives to complete a sitrep every 4 hours throughout the entire duration of a transit.

Although this is a strict standard that has to be adhered to, there is currently no template or guidance on best practice for completion and usually operators fill out the forms manually and then individually send them via e-mail to the associated head office. In such a fast moving market, this antiquated method turns a vital task in to a complex and often challenging business procedure.

Black Pearl have identified a gap in the marketplace and have invested in their technology by creating an online security sitrep solution, which provides the following key features:

  • An automated solution, accessed via a web browser
  • Forms submitted by ship’s computer, hand held tablet or smart phone
  • Immediate access to transit data
  • Full management reporting
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    Counter Piracy

    We have one mission – to make a stand against piracy, We provide a superior and trusted support function, which is dedicated to eliminate the risk of attacks on high value assets at sea, read more >>
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    Maritime Intelligence

    In order to fulfil our mission of making a vital stand against the risks of piracy, we need to form strategic alliances with support partners, read more >>
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    Security Audits

    We specialise in security audits and can provide experienced auditors to conduct audits to ISO standards, read more >>
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    24/7 Operations

    Our maritime security services are backed with an operational centre that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, read more >>
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    Ship & Crew Recovery

    Should a pirate attack be successful the time taken to resolve the situation can be extensive and extremely stressful, read more >>

Effortless Data Gathering

Real-Time Data

Accurate Management Reporting

Track vessel location

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