Human Rights Policy

Black Pearl Maritime Security Ltd is committed to creating an environment where human rights are understood and respected and adheres to international law on the protection of human rights even if national law does not specify them.

All personnel shall respect and protect human dignity and maintain and uphold human rights of all persons. Security guards may use force only when strictly necessary and to the extent required for the performance of their duty in accordance with Black Pearl SOP, RUF and Code of Conduct.

No security guard may inflict, instigate or tolerate any act of torture or other cruel, inhuman degrading treatment or punishment.

Security guards should apply as much as possible a non-violent means before resorting to the use of force and firearms and should follow the standards set out for the rules and regulations for the use of firearms.

In cases where force is used, such incidents should be reported to the appropriate authorities and to the company, as soon as it is safe to do so. Black Pearl also aspires to conform with the legal duty to rescue any persons, including suspected pirates, who no longer pose a threat and may be at risk of drowning or worsening of injuries. Medical aid should be provided to injured persons, including to the offenders.

Black Pearl Maritime Security Ltd provides effective training for all personnel in international human rights standards and declines any persons determined to have been responsible for serious human rights violations. Any employee discovered to have committed such violations after fair hearing will be dismissed.