Quality Policy

The quality policy of Black Pearl is based on the requirements and specifications indicated by the international standards of ISO 28007-1:2015, regulations and warrants, and their implementation in all the company’s aspects and activities.

The purpose of this policy is to create a method of operation that will improve the company’s service to its clients and its market competitiveness.

The company’s management sees the quality of service as a main goal and therefore instructs its employees to follow the company’s policies, Procedures and regulations.

Black Pearl is committed to offer its clients professional armed security solutions to seagoing vessels in their passage through HRA.

We are committed to offer our clients the most professional and comprehensive security package according to their needs, combined with very competitive costs and following each one of the clients’ expectations as clearly specified in the contracts and correspondences and in accordance with the international laws.

The company’s management is fully committed to constant improvement of its quality management system, and this policy shall be conveyed to each one of its employees in order to ensure understanding and implementation at all levels.

Our main quality Objectives:

  • Constant increase of clients’ satisfaction from the company’s performance.
  • Constant improvement of the overall service quality.
  • Constant improvement of the security services quality.
  • Increase of the employees’ quality awareness for the improvement of service.
  • Implementation of the quality policy into each process of the company’s operational activities.