BIMCO Security Update on ISO & Illegal PMSC’s

BIMCO Security Update on ISO & Illegal PMSC’s

As a member of BIMCO we receive regular security updates and notifications, the latest of which we thought you may find of interest:

“BIMCO wishes to remind members how important it is to check whether any private maritime security company (PMSC) they are using is ISO 28007 certified.

Each PMSC must undergo a surveillance audit each year with their auditor to remain certified. Following our recent message to members about the irregular and illegal use of firearms by some PMSCs, this is extremely important.

It has come to BIMCO’s attention that some PMSCs may have recently had their certification withdrawn, hence the reminder to members to check that certificates remain valid.

Any PMSC, which is a member of BIMCO, or wishes to join, is required to be and to remain certified to the above standard. Any revocation of ISO 28007 certification would also incur revocation of BIMCO membership.

Members who use PMSCs are advised to check as part of their own due diligence process that their client PMSC remains certified by checking with the issuing authority on the PMSC’s ISO Certificate on an annual basis.”