Weathering The Storm

The private maritime security business is a tough one to be in at the moment. Many companies are struggling to keep up in an ever more competitive market. Even the bigger companies are not safe, as we have seen in recent months, with a number of high profile private maritime security companies struggling to keep afloat.

At Black Pearl we are weathering our journey well. In the last 12 months alone we have successfully completed our ISO/PAS 28007 certification, increased our number of transits and begun working for new clients.

We believe that it is our commitment to providing a quality service to all of our clients that has enabled us to succeed where others have failed. Our size means that we are able to respond quickly to requests for armed guards from potential clients, a valuable skill in such a volatile market.

Our family run ethos also engenders a loyalty from our staff that is rarely found in larger companies. We look after our people and in turn they look after us. The quality of service that they provide ensures that our reputation is first class. It is this reputation that has allowed us to continue to grow whilst others have struggled.

The next 12 months will be exciting for Black Pearl focussing on sustained organic growth with new clients and in new markets.